Never NEVER Use Bleach To Manage Or Kill Mildew

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Mildew is a problem in some homes . It is one form of fungi ( mold )  .  The three things that cause mildew to start and grow are moisture , temperature and food sources .

Mildew appears as black spots on walls or ceiling or a musky odor .We find it in the bathroom , around windows , basements and closets . We also get the odor when we improperly store fruits or vegetables . Storing to many things ( boxes , paper bags  , metal container and plastic bags )   in small space in the basement with no air flow and high moisture .

If we kill the mildew and do not correct the cause it returns . A fan ( ceiling or osculating ) that causes air movement is key in prevention . Run exhaust fan in bath for 15 mins after shower/bath . Leave closet doors ajar . Leave blinds up 3 inches from bottom of sill and/or open curtains 3 inches . In basement do not use dehumidifier ,

find the source of the moisture and correct it . Sometime it as simple as cleaning out gutters so they drain roof water away from home !!

Bleach is a chemical and a disinfectant to clean surfaces . IT DOES NOT KILL MILDEW . White distilled vinegar ( full strength ) is best way to clean and kill mildew .

Use a spray bottle : spray area , let sit for about 10 mins , wipe gentle with dry rag ,

reapply as many times till black is gone , then spray again and let air dry .

The best way to prevent mildew is remove warm moist air or fix leaks .


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